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College Park, MD

We would like to thank MOM's Organic Market of College Park, MD for

their continued support! They have been with us since the begining.

Accomodating us by taping on location in season 1, sponsoring gift

certificates to our 1st place winner. For season 3 they have provided

us with the much needed support of produce for our cooking

demonstration and gift certificates in the amount of $75 for ea of the

top 3 winners. We are very lucky to have corporations like MOM's

supporting our community efforts to educate the YOUTH about Health!

Thanks MOM's you're the BEST! Visit www.momsorganicmarket.com

for locations around the DMV.


Tsedey Aragie has been awarded DCTV's Production Grant for the

production of a new season of 30 Day Health Challenge, an informative

health show that documents in an intersting manner, real people rece-

iving natural health education. This uplifting local health program

follows their progress and will inspire DCTV's audience to improve

their eating habits.

Public Access TV


Glebe Road, Va Location

We are honored to announce that we have been nominated

by Wells Fargo to Glebe Road, VA branchto be the recepient

of the monthly Community Giving Drawing. Thank you so much

to Wells Fargo for supporting our community efforts to educate

the Youth about Health!


New Fairfield, CT

Healthynut Alternatives LLC, has been supporting this program

for the 3rd season in a row. They have provided us with in-kind gifts

by supplying us with several SAMSON juicers. When they found out

that we were going to teach the Youth about juicing they were really

excited. Healthynut Alternatives LLC, is based in Connecticut and

has been a major supporter of our efforts to teach the Youth about

natural health and wellness.