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Season 3

The 30 Day Health Challenge will be airing episodes for the first time from a local high school. The previous episodes followed in season 1 three families, and in season 2 three individuals. The full season will be airing for the first time exclusively, on DCTV during the months from February- June 2014, a new episode each month. DC residents can access the show on various channels based on their cable carrier. (Please refer to the information below)

Non DC residents can log onto www.dctv.org and can scroll down to the light yellow grid/box and refer to the column that says 'Channel' and 'Playing Now' to determine what is in the cue. In order to review the complete list of air times, click on the 'View the full schedule' button and type in the title of the show [30 Day Health Challenge] this will generate a full listing.

DCTV: The Nations Community Television Network

Comcast Channels 95/96

RCN Channels 10/11

Verizon Fios Channels 10/11/28


Season 3 - Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, MD